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Snipping Tool mon amour download torrent

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Free Screenshot Software ++ is a program that helps you to take screenshots and save them on your computer. You can use this tool to capture live images, including websites and applications, on the screen. With the app, you can quickly share multiple screenshots on the Internet. There are also some editing tools that allow you to customize your images for your own state (function () {(‘app-view-page-desktop’);}); A prerequisite for the Snipping tool is the ease of taking screenshots. Offers a variety of options for photographing what’s on the screen. There is a free-form cutout that you draw around the selected area, although it requires a strong hand. You can also use the rectangular selection tool to capture part of the screen. There are two other ways to create a new mode menu section. One provides an active window on a page called a window segment and the other captures all information on the screen called a full screen segment. These features do not justify downloading spyware for Windows users, as shortcuts are available to achieve the same results. Windows 10 users can use the shortcut to capture screen items and save an image. Instead of using a standalone application, the WinKey + Shift + S shortcut opens four different options: rectangular, free-form, windows and full screen. This method saves the captured files to the clipboard instead of searching for them. The Snipping Tool ++ allows you to select the location of a file and all the data copied to it will be stored there for added convenience. If you mainly capture photos in full screen, you may not need this tool. You can use the WinKey + PrtScr shortcut to save the screen image without assistance. Downloading screenshots If this program is based on existing Windows shortcuts, it is easier to download screenshots downloade. There is a download feature that allows you to add multiple screenshots to social media sites. If you have some snapshots that you want to post on image sites like Imgur or community sites like Reddit, you can use Snipping ++ for your needs. The application settings menu contains a section on controls and shortcuts. Here you can customize how to download directly to websites with just a few keys. This makes the program useful for fast loading on many websites. You can also access multiple image uploads from the Utilities menu. The program is free, does not take up much space and is not demanding on your processor. It also has the advantage of ease of use. The menu and general interface are simple; visualizing the tools or actions you want is simple, making any action quick and painless. You still need Java runtime to work with Snipping Tool ++. Editing while sewing The default setting is to save your paragraphs as PNG. If you decide to save your own sections or screenshots, you can edit the files. The editing tools are basic, but easy to use. Add hands-free designs with a digital pen. This can be done in different colors and the opacity can be controlled. If you want to add elements or hide part of an image, you can insert lines and shapes, in addition to changingthe opacity and color of objects, including changing the input using CMYK and RGB values. There are also variations in the edges of the added shapes. Another editing option is to blur a paragraph and type. Other screen capture options When it comes to screen captures, the application used depends on your needs. If you don’t need a lot of tools, you may just want the basics. On the other hand, you cannot install a Java application that runs next to Snipping Tool ++. In that case, other screen capture options are available. If you’re using a Windows 10 device, you’ll likely have an operating system software update that includes Snip and Sketch. This will allow you to perform the actions above using shortcuts. From where you saved it, you can crop, edit and share a photo. This is a replacement for Windows Snip. There are also alternatives that offer more advanced features. For example, if you are looking for video capture on the screen, a free trial or purchase from Snagit may be just what you need. It works with quick and easy techniques to click, hold and drag. For a more editorial freeware program with fewer downloads, you can try Greenshot. Images can be saved in JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP format or directly to the printer. It contains shortcuts, so everything is fast and not a required tool. Every older Windows user who takes regular screen shots benefits from the utility. Snipping Tool ++ does a good job of adding download and editing features to give users a little more than one program. However, if you need to make major changes, you may prefer a more advanced program. For most Windows 10 users, the technology is advanced, making it unnecessary to install another program. The latest version of Snipping Tool ++ added an active window screen feature. He also made general improvements, such as turning a multicolored tone to white. Fixed an error that caused the space to click on multiple sections.

Snipping Tool

Posted on February 28, 2020
Microsoft Office 2019 Download Torrent

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Microsoft Genuine Office Bags Microsoft is a family of customer software and servers and services developed by Microsoft. Previously, the Office productivity package was included with the Microsoft Production Application Unit, and the first versions of Microsoft Office included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. There are several versions of Office that target different users and operating systems. This is the most popular and popular desktop version available on Windows and Mac; This version of your web browser is called Office Online. and even versions of Android and iOS. Microsoft Office also has Office 365, a cloud-based subscription service for this package that is linked together

The two most popular Microsoft Office Tools are Home Office Business and Office Home Student. Although both are sold for different purposes, there are many similarities between the apps and services contained in the package. They are all one-time purchases of one computer or Mac, so you must buy this version again when the next software version is released. Both seats are equipped with Microsoft support for 60 days at no additional cost. All of them also have a home use license, although the home business also has a commercial use license. They all have versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but Home Business has an Outlook extension (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);});

They are all good and affordable in terms of service, but Microsoft has made the best offer for their Office apartments. The 365 cloud-based office allows you to purchase monthly or annual subscriptions for the program. In addition to receiving Office Office applications and Microsoft support, you also have Acquisition and Publisher, 1 TB of OneDrive cloud for free, and your software is constantly updated with the latest version of the latest version. your order.

Make your choice

While Office 365 sounds like the best choice of all Office packages, you might want to be the type that should be the equivalent of less-capable services, or the kind that doesn’t require half of Office 365. If so, Microsoft’s standard office, like home business with home students, it can help. Despite a one-time purchase, the license to use your app can be life-long if you are satisfied with the version you have purchased. This can be great for saving money for those who just need an office productivity plan that they can use without spending too much.

Whatever you choose with the Microsoft version, which is bundled together for one purchase is much easier, especially for office or school work. Packages pre-installed in Office 365 may not be hardware compared to this one, but they can be great for users who are just looking for applications that use them completely. Office 365 offers 1 TB of free cloud storage, but not everyone needs it at all, so this Microsoft Office package is still considered standard.

Microsoft Office 2019

Posted on February 27, 2020
FIFA 14 for Download Free Torrent

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EA’s new football simulation, which is already free for Windows 8, can no longer be downloaded. See FIFA 15 OUT for Windows 8.
Finally, FIFA 14 is free for Windows 8. EA places the strongest emphasis on the Ultimate Team, while some of the other game modes are only available through in-app purchases. FIFA 14 has a fantastic game interface and a new twist (function () {(‘app-view-page-desktop’);});
This edition of Windows 8 is a ported edition for smartphones, ideal for touch devices and varies greatly in features and technical quality compared to the desktop version of FIFA 14.

Latest purchases of teams and apps in the app
FIFA 14 lets you play Ultimate Team matches, this week’s games, support for your club, penalty kicking and online modes.
The modes let you challenge other players around the world through its multiplayer feature. Try to beat them and climb the world rankings!
However, Manager, Tournament and Kick Off modes are only unlocked through in-app purchases.
As with the PC and console versions, FIFA 14 for iPhone also features Match of the Day, a feature that lets you think about all teams’ real gaming events. You can see injuries if players are in shape or change tactics; they are reflected in the game from time to time with appropriate updates to the team’s composition.
FIFA 14 for Windows 8 strongly supports Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to create and manage your virtual team. You can bid to buy and sell players who are trying to expand your team and the camaraderie between your players. And of course you can participate in games and contests with your Ultimate Team. If you win, you earn points and virtual money to spend, so you can buy new cards to improve your team.
FIFA 14 maintains 33 leagues (Serie A, La Liga, Major League), more than 600 fully licensed teams, more than 16,000 players and many more.34 stadiums, faithfully recreated in the app. And just like you can use the console version, you can get trophies and achievements by achieving certain goals.
The game interface follows the same style and design as the desktop version of the game, offering excellent usability and ability to control the menus.

New touch controls
FIFA 14 also introduces a new type of gesture-based touch, push and pressure control. The idea is interesting, but it takes some practice to feel safe with the controls. Therefore, the game contains a detailed tutorial that explains how to use the new controls. If you are not interested in using touch controls, you can control the game using the same methods with the mouse.
If you prefer the old and classic virtual pocket, you can still select it from the options menu. During our test, we felt better with this set of controls than with the new gesture-based controls.

A little better graphics, excellent soundtrack
The 3D graphics are good, but not excellent. The mechanism is definitely less powerful than the one used in the classic FIFA 14. The animations and movements of the players are a bit slow, but the game doesn’t suffer that much. However, more evenness and speed in the action would improve the title. ”
The music on the menu is good, but not new: EA has always taken care of the entire soundtrack for the FIFA franchise.
The sound effects during the game are quite average and not very different from the previous release. But the presence of the comments (in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French)makes the game more exciting.

FIFA is finally free!
FIFA 14 for Windows 8 is an innovative version of EA’s games. With the freemium method you can play a free alternative to the launch of the famous football simulator and with other available modes such as in-app purchases (manager, tournament and match) you can increase the depth of the game,
However, the available ones still present a major challenge, especially the excellent Ultimate Team and online multiplayer mode. The guides are carefully considered and available for each game mode.
The new touch controls (or via the mouse) are a big bet for EA and have a significant impact on the game. Personally, I still prefer the virtual joke game, which I still think is the best way to enjoy the rewarding game, but it’s just a matter of taste.
As we mentioned, this message is just a download of the version released on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. It does not add more features, which would be welcome, given the greater power of a Windows 8 computer or tablet.
Despite some flaws in the sound effects, some animations and a convincing tempo, which is sometimes slow, this edition of FIFA 14 for touch devices is very good and best of all, it’s free.
In the end, the Metro / Modern FIFA 14 version is ideal for those who use a computer with insufficient access or who want to take a first strategy with the EA simulator. If you are a demanding player you should go straight to the most updated and complete version of the EA Simulator desktop.

FIFA 14 for

Posted on February 20, 2020
Pinterest Download

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Pinterest is an oasis of ideas. Interest is a virtual notebook for organizing ideas or finding inspiration. Download Pinterest and browse billions of photos for interior design ideas, learn new DIY or find life chips! Pinterest for Windows is incredibly easy to use. You can create white boards to save your best ideas. Simply attach a picture to a white board to save it and you can spread good ideas all over the site! Today, this program is also a paradise for ideas and marketing (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Pinterest for Windows: Organize creative home design ideas, inspirational design ideas, and smart DIY shortcuts on Pinterest on King. Pinterest came to the internet when thousands of users discovered that the app world is a guest site if you run out of ideas for new recipes or are looking for a new perspective on your interior design project. There is everything from the Pinterest bathroom to the Pinterest Ike selection. Just enter your needs into the search box and get a temporary idea of ​​all the ideas and motivations that suit you. In addition to the image collection, Pinterest is also a social media community for like-minded users. Follow interesting profiles and build your own follower network. Scan articles for the latest home furnishings, wedding trends, or recipe trends. The more you use the visual community, the more significant your home stream will use Pinterest? If you want to create a Pinterest account, all you need is an email address. You can also sign in with your Facebook or Google account. Registration includes a few questions to help you customize your Pinterest answer to some of your questions and select the top 5 categories. Hello Presto, welcome to your custom and personalized Pinterest home feed! Here you can view thousands of images of selected topics. It is also a great photo sharing resource. Click the red save button in the upper right corner to paste the images, then arrange them in the appropriate tables. The Pinterest desktop app has four main folders: whiteboards, pins, businesses (saves only pins tested) and themes. You can customize your profile by adding an image, and profile customization is also a potential gold mine for entrepreneurs promoting their products or businesses to find the right consumers. Are you creating a separate Pinterest security for Business Pinterest? The popularity of Pinterest snowballs because of its simple list of beautiful and inspiring ideas. However, in recent years advertising has continued to decline. In addition to the suggested screws, the ads are seamlessly etched into your screws. Photos that make it difficult to separate the board from your Pinterest login will require no financial or confidential information (even if your age is optional) and your information will be password protected. Of course, this is no longer a guarantee as malware attacks become more widespread and intelligent. Is Pinterest generally safe except for weird nasty spam information or are there pointless alternatives to Pinterest? The Pinterest and Instagram versions of Facebook are an old question. This is especially true for companies looking to promote themselves with paid advertising at over 100 million downloads (and counting) Pinterest is a huge force in the social trio,but it complements more than the competition. The Pinterest offering is a popular search example! Facebook is sometimes the center of the market, and Instagram is still largely a visual medium. Pinterest, on the other hand, has the added bonus of being a personal way to calm, organize home projects, or inspire a new passion. The biggest competitor would be Tumblr, but Pinterest still has aesthetics from the DIY Home & Beauty Handbook. This program is more than just a website. Click the download button on the Pinterest app to continue browsing your photos on the go. In the app version, you can also use Pinterest lenses and object photos to download defects. But Pinterest is a key project for housewives, wedding planners and craftsmen. The more the updates get better (the new dark space), the more Pintere is used for marketing, the harder it will be to find true enthusiasm for self-promotion). Still, as the improvements prepare, Pinterest is well worth it.


Posted on February 18, 2020
WPS Office 2016 Windows XP/7/8/10 download torrent

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Download your work for free with WPS Office 2016, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly at the top of your game with excellent verbal processing services. The problem is that it is too monopoly. People often forget that there are alternatives. Because many businesses and institutions use Word, Excel or PowerPoint (to name some Microsoft products), you often feel compelled to follow this example by spending a lot of money. However, there are free alternatives like WPS Office 2016 Free that many can do; WPS Office 2016 is also available for Android.

Word (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);});

Office WPS 2016 Free removes most of the Microsoft Office environment, so try again soon. There will be an inevitable adjustment period when trying to set your default settings and controls, but the developers have done their best to keep this software balanced. One feature of the look is the ability to zoom in, resize the paragraph and resize to get the shape and shape you want by getting water. You can also open multiple document types using tabs within the application. This software can open .docx, but can only be saved as .doc.

The right alternative

WPS Office 2016 Free is an alternative to Microsoft Office for those with a low budget thanks to the good features and compatibility. It is just as important as a solution, but a permanent replacement. If you are looking for other free alternatives, we recommend trying LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

WPS Office 2016

Posted on February 15, 2020
SoftMaker Office Professional 2018 Torrent Download

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SoftMaker Office Professional Create impressive documents, calculations and presentations. Let your documents speak for themselves: thanks to its intuitive way of deploying, its large set of functions and its excellent performance, you will quickly get world-class results with SoftMaker Office 2018.

Exchange documents directly with Microsoft Office

Avoid annoying import and export: SoftMaker Office 2018 uses the default file formats of Microsoft DOCX, XLSX and PPTX. This allows you to edit the documents in Microsoft Office directly and without converting them.

Write: TextMaker 2018

The modern TextMaker 2.018 word processing application allows you to create documents of any size that are nothing, be it a brochure, booklet, business letter or full scientific paper. Thanks to its original use of the DOCX file format, your documents are always compatible with Microsoft Word.

Account: PlanMaker 2018

The powerful PlanMaker 2018 spreadsheet program makes creating calculations, worksheets and graphs of any complexity a good idea: from a simple calendar to the complete financial planning of your company. Since you use the XLSX file format natively, you can edit Microsoft Excel files that are true to the original

SoftMaker Office Professional 2018

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Dell Mobile Connect 32bit-64bit installer download free torrent

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Integration of mobile devices with ComputersDell Mobile Connect is a tool created by Screenovate Technologies. The software allows integration of mobile devices with Dell computers. It is equipped with powerful mobile tools to make the best use of mobile devices.

Full productivity for mobile devices Dell Mobile Connect has been designed to maximize the use of mobile devices. Users can find this software on Dell models such as the G Series, Inspiron, Vostro computers and Bluetooth compatible XPS. These models ensure trouble-free work with the software. On the other hand, it is suitable for both Android and iPhone. Users need to make sure their mobile devices have Android 6 or later, as well as iOS 10 and later. By connecting a mobile device to a computer with software installed, users can access the basic features of their mobile device. The software uses a wireless connection to the selected mobile device. The integration between the two platforms is advanced and full. Users have access to certain content and features on their mobile devices. Using the software, their mobile devices can be used with a computer mouse and keyboard. It also works with a touch screen, if available. This software can make and receive calls from a mobile device. Users can respond with a headset connected to computers. They can write text messages using the computer keyboard. Updates or notifications are required in the software. Any contact from a mobile device can be checked on a computer. The most important feature of this software is Screen Mirroring. Displays everything from a mobile device. It’s perfect for sharing mobile content or better viewing on a larger screen. It can also increase user engagement in their mobile applications. A file transfer option is available. Users can transfer media files between a computer and a mobile device for backup. It contains a useful drag-and-drop feature that helps users move a couple or groups (function () {(‘review-app-side-desktop’);}); Larger and more powerful Dell Mobile Connect is designed for users of mobile devices who want to increase their performance. Maximizes the capacity of mobile devices on a larger scale. They can receive or make calls, receive or create messages, transfer files, get a larger screen, and access mobile applications on computers.

Dell Mobile Connect

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